Dziś Adam "Nergal" Darski ma lat 40 i wspomina, że zdjęcie zrobiono tuż po zdaniu przez niego egzaminu na prawo jazdy.

Wsiadłem w pociąg z Gdańska do Ciechanowa. To był miły, ciepły i słoneczny dzień. Byłem w drodze na festiwal S'thrash'ydłoi i to był rok 1994 - napisał Nergal.

Dodał, że Behemot nagrywał w tym czasie płytę "And the forests dream eternally".

I remember I took a train from Gdansk to Ciechanów on a next day after passing my driving license exam. It was nice, warm and sunny day. I was on my way to S'thrash'ydło festival and it was 1994. I had just turned 17 and it was around the time Behemoth recorded "And the forests dream eternally" EP. When I arrived to the platform Tomasz Krajewski and the whole Funeral Winds horde ware awaiting me already. We headed to the hotel and that's where the party kicked off with a big bang! You can see a scar on my nose... Well, I remember I was diving from a wordrobe on the bed full of people I believe, completely shit faced of korz. I cut it badly but it woudn't stop me from raging on. I remember I was hanging out all day long with Jurgen Bartsch from Bethlehem who I was penpals with before we met in person. Some other memories are of me and Karcharoth from Graveland were hanging out on a grass in front of the venue which was an old medieval castle drinking vodka of korz! The dude has commited suicide years later. Legendary KAT was on the bill as well... that's when I met Romek Kostrzewski for the very first time. Immenesely memorable time... kinda funny looking back at myself so young, baby Nergal, a lil chubby, full of hair and stupid thoughts. The whole musical hourney with the band was just starting... and it's been ongoing for over 26 years now... dear Lord... time flies. And the trip ain't over yet. Huh!

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